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Related article: On the other side of the garden, he found the fence and the graves, closed it. Here the brush until it is so, and the fence is characters of the repair made, and no less important, and at the foot of each grave, compared with the three large stones native limestone grave was a peony bush, n each mass dispersed many plants that had grown unruly, many years. foot in front of the weathered picket line, he knew that he stumbled n in the Wallace family tomb. , but it should have been only two stones. And the third? moved to the fence sagging door and went into action. , at the foot of the graves, he read the legends on the stones. The size was tense and rough, so the tests were performed by hands accustomed. There was no pious phrases, no lines, no size of angels or of lambs, or other symbolic figures, as in the usual way a 860S. It was not untilNames and dates. on the first stone : Amanda Wallace, 1821-1863 And in second place in the stone: Wallace Jedediah 1816-1866 And in the third stone - 4 \\ \\ n " Give me the pencil, please," said Lewis. out Hardwicke was shot between the palms and bands more. "paper, too?" He asked. " If I ask him," said Lewis. He leaned over the desk and moved quickly. " Here," he said, handing the paper. Hardwicke frowned. ", but it makes sense," he said. "Until the number below it. " "The Eight, lying on the side. Yes, I know. The symbol tends to infinity. " "but the rest? " " I do not know," said Lewis. "This is the inscription on the tombstone. I copied... " " And you know by heart now. " N " it should be. I have enough. Estudios" n " I have so little yet I have never seen in my life, "said Hardwicke. "No that an authority. I really know little of everything in this area. " "You can enter your mindt rest. There is nothing that someone knows something, more. Bears no resemblance, not even remotely similar to any other language or all known inscriptions. I worked with men they know. No one but a dozen it. I told them I had found on a rocky cliff. I'm sure many of them believe that , I am a fanatic. One of those people who try to prove that the Romans ot the Phoenicians or Irish or whatever was pre-Columbian settlements the United States. " Hardwicke put the sheet of paper. N " I see what you mean, "he said," If you say you have more questions now than when you started. Not only the question of a young man s more than a century old, but also to decipher the question of the smoothness of the House of the third stone tomb with the inscription. You say, I have never talked Buy Gestanin with Wallace? "" Nobody talks about it. Apart from the postman. He continued his daily walks grabs the gun. "" People are afraid to talk to him ? ""Because of the weapons, he means. " " Well, I think it was in the back of the head. I wondered why that was wearing it. " Shook Lewis head. " I do not know. I tried to force himself to see